Advice on projects related to the supply, construction and/or provision of services in areas of the energetic industry.
Projects of self-sufficiency, cogeneration, independent production, small production and export of electrical energy.
Production, generation, transport, supply and distribution of electrical energy.
Liability of the electrical energy distributor for damages to a third party.
Provision of network and infrastructure services.
Rights of way and tolls, sharing of infrastructures and supply of equipment.
Nuclear energy. Safety of the supply. Liability for electromagnetic immissions.
Advice on projects for the transport, storage, distribution and commercialisation of natural gas.
Legal framework for tariffs in the energetic sector.
Transport and distribution of products derived from petroleum.
Specific clauses in the purchase of liquid hydrocarbons, liquefied gases, lubricants and asphalts.
Infractions and administrative sanctions.
Legal advice in exploration, investigation and exploitation of hydrocarbons.
Crude petroleum refinement processes.
Qualifying certificates and authorisation regime.
Legal advice on the use of renewable energy.
Environmental aspects and evaluation of the environmental impact in the EU and national legal systems.
Integrated pollution prevention and control.
Business restructuring.
Tributes and fiscal measures of the energetic sector.
Assistance to petrol companies before international organisations.
Advice, support, negotiation and implementation of the financing of energetic projects.
Legal audit regarding companies of the energetic sector.
Defence in legal litigation related to building work and public services.

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