Aircraft exploitation and financing.
Purchase agreements, financing, charter and leasing of aircraft and/or turbines.
Application of international agreements (Warsaw, The Hague, Guadalajara, Montreal, IATA, etc.).
Liability in air transport in terms of international treaties.
Provision of airport services, leasing of facilities and fuel supply.
Aircraft register.
Air transport licence (charter, air taxi, etc.).
Specialised services (air photography, air topography, advertising, aerial fumigation, etc.).
Sport aviation.
Licences for aeronautical workshops and airport services in airfields.
Legal planning for aviation companies, including foreign investment.
Aircraft register.
Insurance and reinsurance of aircraft.
Assistance in the formation of strategic alliances and aeronautical and aerospace consortiums.
Sanctions with regard to security, transport of dangerous goods and noise.
Aeronautics and offence.
Audit on aircraft inspection and security obligations.
Designation of routes according to the applicable international agreements.
Execution of code share and other commercial alliances between airlines.
Authorisation for extra load sections and modifications of the regular scheme of airline operations.

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