Díez & Romeo counsels entrepreneurs from the scientific world and technological companies, specially the biotechnological ones. Other sectors we aim at are the Food and agriculture and Pharmaceutical sectors, Nanotechnology, Information and Communication, New materials, Energy and Environment.

Patentability of the research product (national, European or PCT).
Marketing, import, export and labelling of transgenic products.
Public and private financing of biotechnology companies.
Mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances.
Biotechnology Project Management.
Improvement in the relationships between the scientific community and the business sector.
Incursion in the Spanish and European biotechnology market.
Business and financial collaborations between the new companies and the investing industrialists.
Licence and contract proceedings.
Processing of personal database in the various biotechnological sectors.
Contracts of technological exploitation.
Development of business plans and studies of technological watch.
Advice to public and private bodies, laboratories, clinics and research centres.
Development of new medicine and recombinant vaccine.
Vegetal biotechnology: higher quality and production of pest-resistant crops.
Bioremediation as a way to minimise environmental impact and to obtain energy.
Legal advice on the research with embryonic stem cells.
Interpretation and application of resolution from the National Commission on Assisted Reproduction.
National and international legal aspects of the therapeutic cloning.
Legal implications of pharmacogenomics.
Treatment of the genetically modified organisms.
New technologies in the veterinary sector.
Research on consumer products, animal nutrition and industrial products.
Follow-up of the Human Genome Project (HGP).

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