Commercial law

Establishment, transformation, merger, break-up and dissolution of any kind of business entities.
Statutes, special statutory clauses, shareholder agreements, syndication agreements, etc.
Liability of advisers and administrators.
Accounting law.
Corporate Financial Due Diligence.
Acquisition and sale of companies in their various categories and accessory agreements.
Restructuring of groups of companies.
Agreements between investors, debtors and creditors.
Joint-ventures, consortiums, strategic alliances and other forms of association.
Acquisition Due Diligence.
Industrial procurement: supply, manufacture and multiple purchase, maintenance of plants and equipment.
Business procurement: distribution, franchise and branch.
Initial Public Offering (IPO) or Offer for sale.
Takeover bid.
Institutions for collective investment and venture capital.
Securities: guarantees and pledges, chattel mortgages and non-possessory pledges.
Suspension of payments and bankruptcy.
Legal litigation and commercial arbitration.

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