• Experts in the bidding process of concessions for Radio & TV.
  • Technical advice for Radio and TV operators. 
  • Public tenders.
  • Administrative sanctions. 
  • Audiovisual contracting.
  • Legal defence in lawsuits.
  • Attainment of licenses.
  • Image rights, protection of honour and privacy.
  • Advertisement contracts in cinema, radio and TV.
  • Cinema and television productions.


  • Notifications to the CNMC, network operators and service providers (TV and Radio)
  • Contracts between operators, interconnection, wholesale resale, sharing of equipment, telecommunications services.
  • Telecommunications Lawyers on all matters relating to the radio spectrum; common use, private use, knowledge of the characteristics of each bandwidth and attainment of frequencies.
  • Requests for numbering and advice regarding the specific use of each number, obligations to fulfil, and fees.
  • Continuous assistance with all regulatory obligations (information requirements, annual declarations, rates, etc.)
  • Provision of advice to Public Administrations regarding special telecommunications plans, and other telecommunications projects.
  • Administrative sanctions.
  • Legal procedures involved in Telecommunications Law.